Comments from referrers:

“Our Senior Young Carer Worker came to the performance and said they were really, really, really good! She said two young girls in particular looked so confident and at home on the stage. These are two people who probably don’t get positive feedback and encouragement very often so to find something they enjoy and can succeed at will be great for their self-esteem.

All the girls and their families have been very excited about the project all the way through, they said the staff great fun and taught them lots too!”

– Liz Langwade, York Young Carers’ Centre

“One of our boys can be a very challenging young person, with some quite difficult behaviour to manage at times. His school and home life are both very chaotic, so it is great to see him engaging so well in something outside and under his own steam.

He seems very keen to progress in the music industry, and I believe he has now started attending the Jam Factory on a Saturday morning which provides him with important time out and some respite for his mum.

I believe the Upfaders project has a lot to offer vulnerable young people with an interest in music and would have no hesitation in referring another young person to the scheme.”

– Helen Bateman, Network 2

“Another one of our boys has enjoyed the upfaders project and has benefited from attending this group. In the past, he has struggled with maintaining relationships with his peers which has affected his attendance on other projects. I feel that completing this programme has increased his confidence.”

– Tammi Sunley, Network 2

“The names have been changed to protect the innocent.”

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